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Features Overview

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Facebook signup

Integrated FB signup is an essential part of any app to on-board your users on a click. We have integrated FB signup in the app to increase your user base effortlessly.

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Profile settings

As the user signs up via. FB, we will pull the required information and populate his profile thus making it look full and upto date. Any changes in the FB profile wil show up automatically.

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Add photos

Adding photos to your profile is a breeze and made seamless. We understand more the pictures your users add to their profile - more the traction for the app. So we have taken special care for this.

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Change age

Dating and the AGE field go hand in hand. Based on the DOB of the user, the age in the app changes accordingly & so will be the search and match results.

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Unlimited right swipes

Swipe Right for a LIKE. Users can show their interest to potential profiles by just making a right swipe. They have the option to make Un-Limited right swipes for the profiles that line up based on their preferences.

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Discovery settings

The Discovery settings screen is where users can change their partner preference & location radius. Based on these settings, they will be showed with a list of potential matches.

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Set up radius miles

How far would you go, to get your perfect date? Well that depends on the radius miles you set. By just sliding you can reach out to your partners right from your app!

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Match Notification

The moment the opposite party ( whim you have shown interest ) accepts you, you get an instant Match notification to take things to the next level. Your app users will just wait for that golden push notification to pop up and elevate their lives :)

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Where is life without those precious moments? So we have bought in the most wanted MOMENTS feature in this incredible dating app.

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Chat / Messages

Chats & Messages are an integral part of any dating or social app. We have used cutting edge - high performing techniques to give a smooth and fast Chat/messaging experience ( XMPP, GCM etc. ). Messages and chats can also be deleted at will by the users.

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Send pics inside chat

Yes, thanks to the intelligent & sophisticated chat / messaging tech used in the app, sending pictures via. chat is architected to be smooth and fast.

ios tutorial

Change status

We look very seriously in each and every granular detail. Even the change status feature is built to give a rich & cool experience.

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Show active log

The way social apps have changed the world is that you just need to check the activity status of your partner to know what he/she is upto :) & yes, we have given high importance to this feature and show the Active status drilled down to minutes - Hours & Days.

ios tutorial

Matching algorithm

Well, in modern day dating ( especially over mobile ), the matching algorithm plays a very important role. So the reason we got in a bunch of machine learning experts to build a cool and perfect algorithm to take care of the automated match making part. The algorithm takes into account a wide variety of elements and applies permutations & combinations on them to pull out the perfect matches to users based on their preferences.

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And yes, we have the un-Match feature as well ( as many have been asking us to bring this in well ).

ios tutorial

Report a user

One thing that is very important in any dating app( or any social app for that matter ) is to keep the trolls & spammers away. So we have given the power to the community to report any user who is mis-behaving & the the admin can Ban them directly from the admin panel.

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User Reviews

Mariana Isabelle

What would I do without you guys? :) I never imagined I would get my own Dating app running for such a cost. Others would have charged me a limb for it!

Reagan Keng

I have been running around a while to get this new dating idea developed & it didn't seem to work out well. Am happy I found this product online :) I would strongly recommend Proven Logic & their products. The best part is you get to see what your gonna get before evening throwing your money in!

Santino Ignacio

Good communication, excellent coding standards & very friendly folks I would say. The cost is exceptionally good! I ordered a couple of customization & it was delivered on time with excellent quality! Will I recommend their service to ma friends? Yes I definitely will :)

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  • Free Life time upgrades
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  • Backend dating server
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