Android Developer

Job Description

We, at ProvenLogic help want entrepreneurs get their ideas fleshed out faster. We build turnkey mobile and web products. In a previous life, we used to build MVPs for entrepreneurs and found that a lot of their feature requests were generic like "Add a messaging system like Facebook", "Add a social follow system like twitter", "Add a messaging feature in my app like WhatsApp", etc.

So, we set out to build products that are similar to popular mobile and web apps out there and sell them as turnkey software so entrepreneurs can focus on building their business rather than worry about code. We're growing at a very fast clip and are already profitable. If you know who Rocket Internet is, and what they do, you'd be able to relate to us.

What we're looking for

  • You should be comfortable with coding in Java and Android.
  • You're willing to work hard for the team as and when needed.
  • You're analytically strong. ie, given *any* problem, you know how to approach it.
  • REST services are Cakewalk for You.
  • BONUS: You know your way around GIT, svn or other version control systems.
  • JACKPOT: Knowledge in Android Studio.


1 - 3 Years.


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